Caedere Print (50x70cm)
Caedere Print (50x70cm)  1 Caedere Print (50x70cm)  2

Coco Lapine

Caedere Print (50x70cm)

Caedere Poster der belgischen Designerin Coco Lapine Design

"The word 'cædere' in Latin means 'to cut'. In this poster, a collection of 8 antique scissors are shaped from several different layers of paint textures and strokes. The scissors are shown in their actual size and are described by their name and approximate lenght." (

• Maße: 50cm x 70cm
• Papier: 170 g/m² Bilderdruckpapier
• wird ohne Rahmen verkauft
• passende Rahmen findest Du hier oder in unserem Ladengeschäft in Hamburg.
• der Print wird in einer Papprolle verschickt

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