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Carve! (A book on wood, knives and axes)
Carve! - A book on wood, knives and axes Hailing from Sweden, this comprehensive guide to woodcraft and the art of carving is the only handbook you will ever need. From identifying trees and picking the right wood to carving safety,...
Paper Toys - Aliens
Paper Toys - Aliens (11 Paper aliens to build) The latest volume in the beloved Paper Toy series travels off-world to explore the possibilities of extra-terrestrial life and what forms they might take. From robotic crustaceans, to...
Leatherworking - A complete how-to-manual The allure of leather is once again gaining ground as small labels and brands produce functional pieces reflective of our lifestyles. A clear antithesis to disposable culture, well-crafted...
Family Fun Malbuch
Family Fun Coloring Book In this offbeat, whimsical coloring book, Danish artist HuskMitNavn renders family scenes that simultaneously depict both the enjoyable and challenging parts of parenthood. There is nothing cynical about the...
Aesthetica Botanica
Aesthetica Botanica - A life with friends Many have discovered the joys of living with indoor plants. They contribute not only to a healthier environment, but with proper styling, add a nice element to interior design schemes. For some...
The Curated Table
The Curated Table - Receipes and styling for the stylish meal Few things in life are as enjoyable or memorable as a good meal spent in the company of friends and family. Add a delectable food and drink menu and inspired place settings...
Terrariums - Bring nature into your home As human beings have transitioned to indoor living, the need to keep the natural world close at hand has persisted. While traditional houseplants bring nature to the interior landscape, terrariums...
Paper Toys - Monsters
Paper Toys - Monsters (11 Paper monsters to build) The follow-up to one of the bestselling volumes in the Paper Toy series, this new edition by Niark is the ultimate monster makeover. Using the same silhouettes as the previous volume but...
Paper Toys - Super Heroes
Paper Toys - Super Heroes (11 Paper super heroes to build) "Super Heroes" is one of the latest themes in the bestselling Paper Toys series, a wonderful collection of interactive craft books that allow children to pop out and build their...
Paper Toys - Speed Demons
Paper Toys - Speed Demons (11 Paper speed demons to build) "Speed Demons" is one of the latest themes in the bestselling Paper Toys series, a wonderful collection of interactive craft books that allow children to pop out and build their...
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