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Lost in

Lost in The City Travel Guides! Getting lost in the city is not about throwing away the map. It’s about surrendering yourself to the essence of the place. The sights, smells, flavours and sounds that make it unique. The photography, the art, the creativity that provide its individual inspiration. Getting lost is diving headfirst into what makes each city its own.

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Bücher- & Magazinthemen
Lost In. Lisbon (Issue No.13, Second edition)
LOST IN Guide für Lissabon - Issue No. 13, Second edition African beats in a revamped quarter, flaming sausages at a low-key fado house, art in a sprawling garden, surfing on a hidden beach, creative cuisine from the chef's spoon... Get...
Lost In. Los Angeles (Issue No. 11, Second edition)
LOST IN Guide für Los Angeles - Issue No. 11, Second edition. Bungalows made for schmoozing, rooftop boogie sessions, subterranean art, creative cuisine by the seaside and Mexican sauces made for smothering... Get lost in the city of...
Lost In. NYC (Issue No. 8, Second Edition)
LOST IN Guide für New York City - Issue No. 8, Second edition. Organic wine in a vegetable garden, Michelin-starred Mexican, the rarest pairs of sneakers, mezcal behind a laundromat, clothing made by New York hands and unexpected seaside...
Lost In. Barcelona ( Issue No.7 / Second edition)
LOST IN Guide für Barcelona - Issue No. 7, Second edition. Terraces for every taste, tapas with a modern twist, skiing and back in time for dinner, statues keeping secrets and the golden age of architecture... Get lost in die carefree...
Lost In. London (Issue No.4 / Third edition)
LOST IN. Guide für London - Issue No. 4, Third edition. A Michelin-starred pub, a secret bar behind a blue door, a book club wired with a massive sound system, a quiet green hill for gazin at the city's skyline and a restaurant above the...
Lost In. Paris (Issue No.2 / Third Edition)
Lost in. Guide für Paris - Issue No. 2, Third Edition. A modernist space ship on the outskirts, seafood from another dimension, natural wines with supernatural pairings, 19th-century shopping and tales from the high fashion archive......
Lost in. Warsaw
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In" über Warschau. "Cocktails in a secret cellar, food stalls in a disused train station, ramen in a donut shop, parties in a former hospital, avant-garde posters, a rooftop park… Get...
Lost in. Buenos Aires
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In" über Buenos Aires. "Steak in a football stadium, pasta in a tango haunt, eye-opening eyewear, mon 'n' pop ice cream, a fresh art village, a political parilla, secret speakeasies..."...
Lost in. Tokyo
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In" über Tokyo. "Blowtorched mackerel, upscale downtown bath, shoppingmalls for supergeeks, raw beef sushi, art in a shipping container and a story by Banana Hashimoto..." • 69 Seiten •...
Lost in. Zurich
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In" über Zürich. "Fish fresh from the lake, a hidden cocktail bar, rooftop views, concerts in a furniture shop, horse steak in a diner, a 24-hour bakery for the party crowd.. get lost in...
Lost in Stockholm
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In"( Ehemals 38hours) über Stockholm. An artistic island, Nordic cuisine with a Korean twist, a hidden bar, city centre beaches, clubbing in a concert hall, art in a communal laundry...
Lost.in Frankfurt
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "38Hours" über Frankfurt. Fine dining in a kiosk, a graffitied cave under the autobahn, a modernist housing project, a secret speakeasy, an unbuilt tower by Mies van der Rohe… Get lost in the...
Lost in. Vienna
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In" über Wien. "A secret café with an impressive vinyl collection, a disco ball pizza oven, a cemetery for the nameless, a restaurant in an old pharmacy and Europe’s finest tap water… Get...
Lost in Amsterdam
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In"( Ehemals 38hours) über Amsterdam. An artist studio in a church, a hidden bar in a burger joint, hippie beaches in the centre, a restaurant in a greenhouse, thrilling views from the...
Lost in. Berlin
Magazin des etwas anderen Reiseunternehmens "Lost In"( Ehemals 38hours) über Berlin- die 4. Edition! Micro-local eating, art in an old brewery, Bergain's new downbeat venture, hidden beaches on an urban island, a jaunt through the 1990s,...
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